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About Shoshin Karate-Do International

Hessam Boroumand is the Chief Instructor at Shoshin Karate-Do International. Sensei Hessam is the father of three boys, and has resided in California since 1982. With over twenty-five years of traditional Shotokan karate-do experience both in Japan, and at the national and international level, and with instruction under direct students of SKIF, ISKF, and JKA Sensei (Kanazawa, Yaguchi, Enoida and Nakayama), Sensei Hessam 5th Dan, continues the teachings and philosophy of his late Sensei, Sensei David Johnston, 8th Dan.

Sensei David Johnston was a student of Nakayama Sensei, the first Head Instructor of the Japan Karate Association, and senior student to Master Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate-do, widely known as the “father of modern karate”.

Sensei Hessam’s primary emphasis is in maintaining the pure spirit and tradition of Master Funakoshi’s karate-do. Master Funakoshi brought karate-do to Japan from Okinawa primarily as a method of physical fitness and self improvement.  Through repetitive practice of the fundamentals of physical karate, Sensei  Hessam creates a path for self discovery, growth,  and the establishment of a stable platform for the healthy conduct of one’s life. If one is lost or is aimless…making poor life decisions or simply looking for an avenue to  further enhance the positive attributes of one’s life, then this school is the vehicle for your development.