Divine Destiny

Be still. Listen to your soul’s calling, and reflect carefully on nature, for indeed the signs of divine guidance are generously presented within and without. It is our hubris that prevents the heart from seeing, and our fears manifested in insecurities, that lead the mind’s eye to hold us back with faulty conclusions. When hubris and insecurities are shed, the pathway to surrender and submission is illuminated. And where there’s submission there is, ironically, freedom. The process must take place without compulsion, like religion…like everything in life, but the inception of the journey begins with the flicker of humility in the soul’s sincere call for help from the highest source. There is no greater vision of courage and strength than this, and no greater vision of fear and weakness, than one who casts aside divine guidance and the love that comes with it.

It is, as mentioned above, our lack of depth in reflection, driven by hubris and insecurity that holds us back. It is this arrogance, presented in the garb of knowledge and confidence, and most often perpetuated subconsciously, that attracts and misleads the soul to attachment and enslavement. Putting politics aside, I present the Trumpian persona as the poster boy of this camp. And sadly, unbeknownst to him and his ilk, he is deluding himself as much if not more, than he is misleading others.

When we can truly absorb that submission is freedom, that reflection is wisdom, that letting go is gaining, that acknowledging deficit is strength, that humility and not knowing is confidence…then and only then will we sincerely seek the highest source, place full trust in it, and know through verification, that while we give utmost, unassuming effort, it is the source that determines the destiny.

Please make your karate-do more submissive and free, less enslaved and delusional. Don’t worry about the outcome, just be still, and allow divine destiny to take shape.

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