Kids Karate (ages 6 – 12)

As a traditional dojo, Shoshin Karate-Do insists on high standards and seriousness that precludes training for children under the age of 6. Children aged 6-11; however, are expected to train with utmost diligence while observing the strict codes of etiquette inherent in traditional forms of budo. The classes here are meant to instruct, not entertain. Emphasis is placed on stances, basics, and manners, further requiring the student to focus throughout the hour long class. As sensei, I can quite confidently boast the best students, the most well mannered, and the most serious when it comes to their training.

What are the potential benefits of Shoshin Karate-Do for your kids?

  • An increase in ability for self-defense
  • An increase in discipline and manners
  • An increase in body coordination (hand/eye and body/mind)
  • An increase in focus
  • An increase in self confidence
  • An increase in self awareness

Little Tigers (ages 4 – 6)

With the success of our kids karate program, many parents have been demanding classes for their “little tigers”. In response to this demand, our sedentary society, and to set the course for our little tigers’ future wellness, Shoshin Karate-Do International has set a program of movement and physical coordination to counter the culture of inactivity.

Please be aware that this is not karate-do. This is simply using karate movements to enhance coordination and physical activity. Any claims that this age range can be  taught self defense, or traditional karate-do would be disingenuous. Kids at this age simply don’t have the focus, nor can they absorb the complexity of traditional karate-do.

What are the potential benefits of Shoshin Karate-Do for your little tigers?

  • Physical activity and development
  • Improvement in focus and listening skills
  • Improvement in physical coordination
  • A potential introduction to future karate-do interest