As a traditional dojo, Shoshin Karate-Do insists on high standards. Seriousness is expected. One must train with utmost diligence, while observing the strict codes of etiquette inherent in traditional forms of budo. The classes here are meant to instruct, not entertain. Emphasis is placed on a continuous beginner’s mind perspective, character, etiquette, and fundamentals.

Absolute focus, discipline and dedication to the “way” is required. When stepping into the dojo, one relinquishes any sense of self to the karate way, under the guidance of one’s chosen sensei.  The classes are meant to challenge students physically and mentally. Students are expected to train three times a week, making their training a primary focus and priority over other extracurricular activities. Karate-do’s objective of perfecting character, can only be met if the above expectations are fully absorbed.

What are the potential benefits of Shoshin Karate-Do?

  • An increase in self-awareness, through austere, physical repetition
  • An increase in focus, discipline, and manners
  • A more patient and peaceful demeanor, and outlook towards life
  • An increase in physical strength and body coordination (hand/eye and body/mind)
  • An increase in self-confidence, leading to more deliberate and decisive decision making
  • An increase in ability and understanding of self-defense