Adults Karate

The adult karate program at Shoshin Karate-Do begins at 11 years of age. Though younger students are paired according to age and ability, they are treated as adults and are expected to keep up with the adults. As is the case with all traditional forms of budo, emphasis is placed on proper etiquette, technique and spirit. The repetition of technique, be it in kata (forms), kihon (basics), or kumite (sparring), forges the mind and body towards perfection of technique and a self-awareness that leads to perfection of character.

What are the potential benefits of Shoshin Karate-Do for Adults?

  • Self-Defense
  • Fitness, strength and flexibility
  • A pathway for self discovery and self-realization
  • A pathway for moral character development
  • A way of peaceful living through awareness and mindfulness

Women’s Self Defense

One of the disturbing realizations many experience after returning from a trip to Japan, is the constant insecurity that women feel, here in the west. Of course, no one place can lay claim to being a panacea against assaults on women; however, it has become an unfortunate fabric of a woman’s being that today, she may not rest entirely assured when venturing out alone.

To mitigate some of the fears, concerns, and potential dangers that are ever present in a woman’s daily life, Shoshin Karate-Do International has instituted a revolving women’s self defense curriculum. The curriculum primarily raises awareness and provides tools to combat assualt.

What are the potential benefits of Shoshin Karate-Do for Women’s Self Defense?

  • Increased awareness of potential dangers
  • Proactive tools and strategies to minimize danger zones
  • Physical skills and techniques to counter assaults
  • Increased sense of confidence and knowledge
  • Increased physical strength and endurance