The adult karate program at Shoshin Karate-Do begins at 13 years of age. Unlike other activities where entry is transactional, meaning you pay to participate, karate-do is quite different. Learning traditional karate-do and entry into the dojo, is considered a privilege. Entry is not guaranteed, and remaining in the program is also subject to continuous scrutiny. Potential students are interviewed, and are required to demonstrate not only a real desire to train, but also that they are training for the right reasons (see expectations above).  The Shoshin karate curriculum will weed out students not aligned with its beginner’s mind tradition, and the legacy of its founder.

Though younger students are generally paired according to age and ability, they are treated as adults and are expected to keep up with the adults. A serious training atmosphere is demanded, and corrections are made physically and verbally. No exceptions are made.   As is the case with all traditional forms of budo, emphasis is placed on proper etiquette, technique, and spirit. The repetition of technique, be it in kata (forms), kihon (basics), or kumite (sparring), forges the mind and body towards perfection of technique and a self-awareness that leads to perfection of character.